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All things e-commerce. From working with bricks and clicks retailers and maximising your product sales to working with pure players like Amazon. Also includes everything related to direct to consumer (D2C).

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On your marks, get set, build your e-Commerce knowledge!

Snapshot : The first time you build an online store, it’ll take a while. But, as you build your e-Commerce knowledge, you’ll find you go faster. You’re clearer on what’s needed and what’s not. This week, we share the story of how we reduced the time to launch from four months to four weeks between the first and second online stores we ever worked on.  We’ve spent some time recently… Read More »On your marks, get set, build your e-Commerce knowledge!

Sales promotion example - Percentage discount vouchers in store window

Price discounts – Good or bad idea?

Snapshot : As we’re now in the Christmas sales promotions and price discounts season this week, we discuss the conflicting sales and marketing view on discounts. We work through the basic finances of a price promotion, but also consider the importance of understanding the wider context. And we close with how price discounts fit into different brand positioning and competitive strategies.  So, in common with the slew of Christmas advertising,… Read More »Price discounts – Good or bad idea?

Selling high ticket products online - front on view of a black Audi

Product pages and selling high ticket products online

Snapshot : A visit to the the worlds of television and car buying online, to see what we can learn about selling high ticket products online. In most of our e-Commerce articles on the subject of product pages, we’ve tended to focus on low cost, everyday items like T-shirts and groceries. These type of products make up the largest volume of items purchased online. And in fact, the largest volume… Read More »Product pages and selling high ticket products online

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Print on Demand Supplier Research for Australian deliveries

Snapshot : There’s a lot of choice when it comes to Print on Demand supplier. We started with a ‘long list’ of eleven suppliers, before narrowing it down to two primary Print on Demand suppliers and two secondary suppliers to work with. This post shares who we looked at and why we picked the suppliers that we did.  So, it has been a while since we last posted anything about… Read More »Print on Demand Supplier Research for Australian deliveries

Magpie that is inquisitive - symbolic for learning new things all the time

Learn more about e-Commerce thanks to the magpie

Snapshot : Inspired by the curiosity of the magpie, we revisit 5 key e-Commerce learnings from our first ever online store project. More than 5 years on, we see how we can use those lessons to learn more about e-Commerce.  It’s currently magpie swooping season in Australia.  Cue, headlines about swooping magpies freaking out kids (and adults) for getting too close to their nests and their newly laid eggs. It’s… Read More »Learn more about e-Commerce thanks to the magpie

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E-commerce product systems. Not cool.

Snapshot : e-Commerce might sound cool from the outside, but some of the jobs to be done are very far from cool. In this quick article, we look at examples of e-commerce product systems from Amazon, Google and WooCommerce and marvel at the attention to detail and patience required to do this vital but very uncool part of e-Commerce.  From the outside, e-Commerce looks and sounds kinda cool, right?  It… Read More »E-commerce product systems. Not cool.

Coca-Cola Sign

What makes a successful product page in e-Commerce?

Snapshot : Here we look at what it’s like to buy the world’s biggest soft-drink, Coca-Cola online in Australia. We’re looking for lessons of what a successful product page can look like.  In our guide to how to sell more online, we cover the three fundamental areas that you need on the product page to sell in e-Commerce – imagery, the product name and the product description. But these are only the start of what makes… Read More »What makes a successful product page in e-Commerce?

The three monkeys of e-Commerce - Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil to highlight e-Commerce personality types

The Three Monkeys of e-Commerce

Snapshot : A follow-up to our Three Monkey’s of Marketing article, read our guide to Our guide to e-Commerce personality types. How do Sunshine Yellows, Fiery Reds and Cool Blues bring their energy advantages to what you do in e-Commerce? And where it can go horribly wrong. And we close with how you can use some Earth Green energy to pull those other energy types into a winning team.  In… Read More »The Three Monkeys of e-Commerce

Three brains e-Commerce online purchase with credit card

What do online shoppers want from e-Commerce?

Snapshot : We’ve all heard a lot of noise about the e-Commerce opportunity during the COVID-19 crisis. As normality slowly returns, it’s a good time to look at what online shoppers want. The three key online shopping consumer benefits of convenience, range and price comparison can help you frame your longer-term e-Commerce target audience and marketing plan. These can support you to find true opportunities to grow your business online.… Read More »What do online shoppers want from e-Commerce?

The last mile cost - food delivery guy on a bike with food in backpack

The e-Commerce last mile. Cost. Or opportunity?

Snapshot : The term “last mile” comes from the world of telecoms. But it is now also regularly used in e-Commerce. Traditional supply chain models of delivery to stores mean the last mile cost is picked up by the shopper. This model is efficient for retailers. e-Commerce buggers that up completely. So we review the last mile cost and  opportunity from the point of view of the consumer, the deliverer and… Read More »The e-Commerce last mile. Cost. Or opportunity?

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How to use packaging for e-commerce communication

Snapshot : Packaging development can feel like the less glamorous side of marketing. But it’s a touchpoint for EVERY potential consumer. With e-commerce growing we review sample baskets of products in online grocery to see which designs work in packaging for e-Commerce . We outline why basic (CRAP) design principles can make a big difference. Checking how your packaging appears online should be a regular part of the packaging development… Read More »How to use packaging for e-commerce communication

Michael Schumacher racing suit hanging in a display cabinet

Be audacious for competitive advantage

Be audacious for competitive advantage Snapshot : Being competitive can be seen as both aspirational and something to be avoided. But when you need to find a competitive advantage in business, being audacious is a big part of what puts you ahead of the pack. We look back to the POISE – Profitable, Offensive, Integrated, Strategic and Executed (excellently) – way of working that was a popular competitive marketing approach… Read More »Be audacious for competitive advantage