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Marketing creates connections between consumers and your brand. We have a lot of experience in driving great marketing and want to share our knowledge so you can grow your business through great marketing.

Creativity in business - get the creativity flowing

Creativity in business is for everyone, including you.

Snapshot : There’s an annoying tendency to stereotype creativity in business. It’s either the ‘doing’ of creative by arty types or the focus on the generation of wild and wacky ideas. But creativity in business is so much more than that. How can businesses tap into a much wider range of ideas and styles which can be both evolutionary AND revolutionary?  We’ve previously shared why we believe anyone who feels… Read More »Creativity in business is for everyone, including you.

Coca-Cola Sign

What makes a successful product page in e-Commerce?

Snapshot : Here we look at what it’s like to buy the world’s biggest soft-drink, Coca-Cola online in Australia. We’re looking for lessons of what a successful product page can look like.  In our guide to getting started with e-Commerce, we cover the three fundamental areas that you need on the product page to sell in e-Commerce – imagery, the product name and the product description. But these are only the start of what makes a… Read More »What makes a successful product page in e-Commerce?

Woody from Toy Story - how Pixar protects new ideas in early stages of creative thinking

Business writing that stands out

Snapshot : Three different insights from great business writing to apply to your business. Learn how Pixar supports new ideas in their “ugly baby” stage. From behavioural science, how the distinctiveness bias can help your brand and advertising stand out. And from negotiation theory, how to win a ‘fair’ deal in any negotiation. In Brad Stone’s excellent biography of Jeff Bezos, The Everything Store, he shares an interesting early key… Read More »Business writing that stands out

Dj with two laptops open making up a playlist

Add digital marketing benefits to your marketing playlist

Snapshot : How digital marketing impacts on your overall approach to marketing. And how digital marketing benefits, both functional and emotional should be part of how you consider which digital marketing activities to include in your marketing plan. We’ve yet to see an official update of how much time people spend online at the moment. But anecdotally, it’s clearly a lot. Even in the Hootsuite and We Are Social report… Read More »Add digital marketing benefits to your marketing playlist

Life cycle of a marketer - from assistant brand manager to chief marketing officer

The life cycle of a marketer

Snapshot : The Product Life Cycle is a well-known topic in the world of marketing innovation. But what if you took the same thinking that sits behind the model and applied it to the career path of a marketer? At what stage of the life cycle of a marketer, do you have the best mix of impact, expertise, enthusiasm and tolerance for bullshit? And when do you make the leap… Read More »The life cycle of a marketer

Speaker addressing a large crowd. To demonstrate that engaging the business helps you to be a better marketer.

What does it take to be a better marketer?

Snapshot : We outline three key behaviours that successful marketers exhibit. Clear and simple communications. A sales mindset. And the ability to engage other parts of the business. These three things help you be a better marketer. One of the more challenging but fun aspects of marketing is that there’s no single guaranteed best way to do things. Marketing is not exclusively a science where you follow a set of prescribed… Read More »What does it take to be a better marketer?

Person sticking up one finger - the non-verbal way of swearing

Swear words in advertising

Snapshot : The use of swear words in advertising presents you with a dilemma. If you use swear words, you may lose some people because you offend them. But swearing taps into deep and relevant human emotions. And in the right context, swearing can make your brand seem more relevant. Read our guide on how to make swear words work for you. Ya nosy bugger, ya.  Is bad language good… Read More »Swear words in advertising

Three brains e-Commerce online purchase with credit card

What do online shoppers want from e-Commerce?

Snapshot : We’ve all heard a lot of noise about the e-Commerce opportunity during the COVID-19 crisis. As normality slowly returns, it’s a good time to look at what online shoppers want. The three key online shopping consumer benefits of convenience, range and price comparison can help you frame your longer-term e-Commerce target audience and marketing plan. These can support you to find true opportunities to grow your business online.… Read More »What do online shoppers want from e-Commerce?

Woman doing yoga to demonstrate flexibility

Is anyone looking for brand development expertise?

Snapshot : Keyword research shows more searches for ‘marketing’ than for ‘brand’ terms. And while brand strategy and brand identity generate searches for reasons we cover in this post, many other brand terms have low search volumes So, is anyone looking for brand development expertise? Yes, but there are opportunities for all brands to raise their game. In last week’s post, we rambled away on the irony that market researchers… Read More »Is anyone looking for brand development expertise?

Market research before and after COVID-19 checklist - they are the same except after COVId-19, don't bang on about the new normal

Market research after COVID-19

Snapshot : COVID-19 will not dramatically change the methodology of how market research is carried out. BUT, as our quick post on market research after COVID-19 will show, it puts an even tougher challenge on market researchers and marketers to build empathy with consumers. Our target audiences are worn-out and fed up of the challenges COVID-19 has brought to all our lives, so bring something new that changes that.  New… Read More »Market research after COVID-19

Surgeon, nurse and anaesthetist

The target audience for market research marketing

Snapshot : Research on market research keywords shows a surprisingly small amount of searches on key market research terms. Is market research marketing itself well to it’s target audience of marketing managers and business owners? Market researchers need to think about their own target audience more and spend less time explaining how it’s done. And they need to adapt to the latest trends coming out of digital transformation.  Marketing always starts… Read More »The target audience for market research marketing

Neon sign showing heart and zero to symbolise no social media following

Why should you care about social media?

Snapshot : Being ‘social’ is defined as enjoying being with others. But if your social media channel was a real person, would your target audience enjoy spending time with them? Do they actually care about social media from your brand? We cover the six main online behaviours, and give our informal view on what it is like to play in the the four most common social media channels – Facebook,… Read More »Why should you care about social media?