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Marketing creates connections between consumers and your brand. We have a lot of experience in driving great marketing and want to share our knowledge so you can grow your business through great marketing.

Sales promotion example - Percentage discount vouchers in store window

Price discounts – Good or bad idea?

Snapshot : As we’re now in the Christmas sales promotions and price discounts season this week, we discuss the conflicting sales and marketing view on discounts. We work through the basic finances of a price promotion, but also consider the importance of understanding the wider context. And we close with how price discounts fit into different brand positioning and competitive strategies.  So, in common with the slew of Christmas advertising,… Read More »Price discounts – Good or bad idea?

Christmas gifts

Christmas advertising tells us it’s already here

Snapshot : Christmas advertising is the last chance of the year to build brands and drive sales. We evaluate adverts from Coca-Cola, Myer and Pandora to see how clear, understandable, relevant, impactful and unique they are. And give our view on whether they will actually drive sales.  So, it’s that time of year. The sleigh bells are ringing. And we’re listening. The supermarket aisles are packed with half price Ferrero… Read More »Christmas advertising tells us it’s already here

Stag lying down in a green field

Remember the value of storytelling

Snapshot : Most advertising is ignored or forgotten. So, learn the value of storytelling with three examples from the world of whisky advertising, Masterchef and Qantas to make advertising that’s understood, engaged with and remembered.  We all know the marketing world loves data. And there’s so much data out there about everything we do. But this week, there was one particular piece of data, we had a hard time tracking… Read More »Remember the value of storytelling

Neon sign with do something great

Marketing inspiration – read like a polymath

Summary : We take marketing inspiration from reading about other topics. So, we look at books that talk about psychology and behavioural science, how to improve your writing skills and the culture behind the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team. One of the challenges when you call your business three brains, is people expect you to be smart and clever ALL the time. And if there’s something you don’t know,… Read More »Marketing inspiration – read like a polymath

Selling high ticket products online - front on view of a black Audi

Product pages and selling high ticket products online

Snapshot : A visit to the the worlds of television and car buying online, to see what we can learn about selling high ticket products online. In most of our e-Commerce articles on the subject of product pages, we’ve tended to focus on low cost, everyday items like T-shirts and groceries. These type of products make up the largest volume of items purchased online. And in fact, the largest volume… Read More »Product pages and selling high ticket products online

Qantas plane tail

In terms of customer experience, travel is surviving. Just.

Snapshot : Time for a change of scene? How Qantas and Tourism Australia are keeping at least the thought of travel and tourism open while pandemic restrictions are still in place. In terms of customer experience, travel and tourism are still surviving.  As the global pandemic slowly grinds the world into tired, Zoom-eyed submission and we are all mostly stuck round our home areas like children on the naughty step,… Read More »In terms of customer experience, travel is surviving. Just.

Magpie that is inquisitive - symbolic for learning new things all the time

Learn more about e-Commerce thanks to the magpie

Snapshot : Inspired by the curiosity of the magpie, we revisit 5 key e-Commerce learnings from our first ever online store project. More than 5 years on, we see how we can use those lessons to learn more about e-Commerce.  It’s currently magpie swooping season in Australia.  Cue, headlines about swooping magpies freaking out kids (and adults) for getting too close to their nests and their newly laid eggs. It’s… Read More »Learn more about e-Commerce thanks to the magpie

Google M and Ms

Most searched on google today – finding ideas

Snapshot : A quick data dive into most searched on google today. Let’s look at how Google Trends gives marketers content ideas for social media based on trending search terms. Sports, celebrities, news and events dominate. But there’s also always some random searches that you can tap into as well.  One job you’d never want, would be to work in the press office at Google. Because they get a lot… Read More »Most searched on google today – finding ideas

Creative thinking Idea generation

Marketing innovation lessons – great idea, tougher reality

Snapshot : Read our quick guide to four marketing innovation lessons you can apply to your business right away. Firstly, make sure the innovation focusses on growth.  Then, understand why people like the idea of marketing innovation, but why the systems needed to make it work mean it’s tough to do. And so finally, what type of person or team do you need to drive your marketing innovation? For businesses,… Read More »Marketing innovation lessons – great idea, tougher reality

1980s colour based stay at home playlist

Your choice of colour matters

Snapshot : The use of colour runs through many parts of marketing but it’s often forgotten. As we update our guide to the use of colour in marketing, we share some specific thoughts about where colour plays a role. As well as some of our dodgier taste in 1980s music. Colour is one of those areas of marketing that’s often forgotten. Unless you work in design or printing, you probably… Read More »Your choice of colour matters

Blank billboard

The world of media planning is weird

Snapshot : Your media spend is usually the biggest part of your marketing budget, so you have to spend time with media planning. But we reckon the world of media planning is weird. You have a “product” that is intangible and transient. And the industry behind it is a weird mix of overcompensating detail and social relationships.  We recently spent a bit of time updating our guides on media planning… Read More »The world of media planning is weird

Creativity in business - get the creativity flowing

Creativity in business is for everyone, including you.

Snapshot : There’s an annoying tendency to stereotype creativity in business. It’s either the ‘doing’ of creative by arty types or the focus on the generation of wild and wacky ideas. But creativity in business is so much more than that. How can businesses tap into a much wider range of ideas and styles which can be both evolutionary AND revolutionary?  We’ve previously shared why we believe anyone who feels… Read More »Creativity in business is for everyone, including you.