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All things related to market research. From different types of market research like qualitative and quantitative to market research you can do on your own and how to work with market research agencies.

Woody from Toy Story - how Pixar protects new ideas in early stages of creative thinking

Business writing that stands out

Snapshot : Three different insights from great business writing to apply to your business. Learn how Pixar supports new ideas in their “ugly baby” stage. From behavioural science, how the distinctiveness bias can help your brand and advertising stand out. And from negotiation theory, how to win a ‘fair’ deal in any negotiation. In Brad Stone’s excellent biography of Jeff Bezos, The Everything Store, he shares an interesting early key… Read More »Business writing that stands out

Three brains e-Commerce online purchase with credit card

What do online shoppers want from e-Commerce?

Snapshot : We’ve all heard a lot of noise about the e-Commerce opportunity during the COVID-19 crisis. As normality slowly returns, it’s a good time to look at what online shoppers want. The three key online shopping consumer benefits of convenience, range and price comparison can help you frame your longer-term e-Commerce target audience and marketing plan. These can support you to find true opportunities to grow your business online.… Read More »What do online shoppers want from e-Commerce?

Market research before and after COVID-19 checklist - they are the same except after COVId-19, don't bang on about the new normal

Market research after COVID-19

Snapshot : COVID-19 will not dramatically change the methodology of how market research is carried out. BUT, as our quick post on market research after COVID-19 will show, it puts an even tougher challenge on market researchers and marketers to build empathy with consumers. Our target audiences are worn-out and fed up of the challenges COVID-19 has brought to all our lives, so bring something new that changes that.  New… Read More »Market research after COVID-19

Surgeon, nurse and anaesthetist

The target audience for market research marketing

Snapshot : Research on market research keywords shows a surprisingly small amount of searches on key market research terms. Is market research marketing itself well to it’s target audience of marketing managers and business owners? Market researchers need to think about their own target audience more and spend less time explaining how it’s done. And they need to adapt to the latest trends coming out of digital transformation.  Marketing always starts… Read More »The target audience for market research marketing

Qualitative research- two people talking over coffee

We need to talk about your customer relationship with CRM

Snapshot : We break CRM – “Customer”, “Relationship”. “Management” – into it’s three component parts. Why does CRM works in some categories and not others? Read about good and bad CRM examples. We cover the challenges of working with IT when you are in marketing. And we close with 3 key questions to decide if CRM can be a competitive advantage for your business.  Customer. Relationship. Management. It’s a common creative… Read More »We need to talk about your customer relationship with CRM

Google search corona

Trending searches to find consumer needs

Snapshot : Marketers have never had better access to tools that give them insights into their target audience. We look at trending searches to find consumer needs in the current COVID-19 challenge. Facts, hope and boredom relief are where marketers can legitimately, help. But best avoid unasked for marketing and e-Commerce advice right now.  Trending searches to find consumer needs The COVID-19 challenge is bringing out the best in many… Read More »Trending searches to find consumer needs

Strategy - Chess player

Beware the strategist

Snapshot : Why you should beware the strategist – unless you are the strategist. It all starts with brain science – how the neurons in your brain are the fundamental driver of strategic behaviours. We then jump to job titles and why we believe you should beware anyone who includes ‘strategy’ in their job title. And we close off with Reality TV and what we learned about ‘strategy’ from the… Read More »Beware the strategist

Simple desk lamp to illustrate how to find market research and marketing strategy

Market researchers drive you crazy

We are in the middle of creating some market research and consumer insight content for this website. Anyone working in marketing gains some experience in this area. But not everyone visiting this site will have worked in marketing. So how do you explain market research and consumer insights to non-marketing people? How do you go about working with market researchers and research agencies? And why is that when you work… Read More »Market researchers drive you crazy

Share in a tank

Focus groups – Just a bit weird really

Picture the scene in the life of the marketer. It’s fairly late at night, say 10.30 pm and you’ve just arrived home. Your significant other asks you why you are home so late. You explain that you’ve been watching focus groups for the last 3 hours.  “What’s a focus group?” your significant other asks. You sigh wearily. “Oh, well, it’s when you sit in a darkened room with a bunch… Read More »Focus groups – Just a bit weird really

Owl on a branch - symbolic of wisdom

Insights makes a difference

We think of all the skills you should have in your repertoire in marketing, being able to understand and use market research and ‘insights’ is vital. It is the skill which determines if you are destined to be a success or not in the world of marketing. When we started in marketing, this area of expertise was always just called “market research”. We can’t recall when ‘insights’ became the more… Read More »Insights makes a difference