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We believe that to be successful and marketing, creative and e-commerce, you need to engage three-brains. The logical brain, the emotional brain and the instinctive brain. Anything that touches on three-brains as a concept or as a business entity.

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Barriers to e-Commerce – Not everyone’s a fan

Snapshot : Not everyone’s a fan of online stores. Read about the lessons we learned from our first online store launch and the barriers to e-Commerce we had to overcome.  We’re big believers that in most cases, doing something is always better than doing nothing. That doesn’t mean you should do everything, you still need to pick the right things to do. But, we meet a lot of people in… Read More »Barriers to e-Commerce – Not everyone’s a fan

Creative thinking - operational efficiency

Three ways to generate more creative thinking ideas

Snapshot : Learn three ways to generate more creative thinking ideas. Firstly, identify the three key roles of opportunity owner, facilitator and contributor in idea generation. Then, define the differences between creative and operational ways of working. And finally, learn how to set up an environment and culture to support creativity.  In our creative thinking guide, we cover the reasons why creativity adds value to your business. So, how creativity… Read More »Three ways to generate more creative thinking ideas

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What we’ve learned writing in 2020

Snapshot : Writing has been a big focus for the Three-Brains team since our launch. So, to close out the year, we share the 5 biggest lessons we’ve learned from writing in 2020.  As we covered some of our lessons from e-Commerce from 2020 last week, we wanted to pick a more creative topic for our final post of the year. And given that this blog and building our website… Read More »What we’ve learned writing in 2020

Christmas best wishes – 2020

And, relax. Three-Brains winding down, wishing you and yours a relaxing and joyful festive break.  The Three-Brains Christmas break starts now, we’ll catch you in the New Year.

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What e-Commerce 2020 has taught us

Snapshot : It’s been a heck of a year for online selling, so we reflect on e-Commerce 2020 and what it could mean for your future e-Commerce plans. We cover 5 lessons you can take from e-Commerce 2020 to make e-Commerce 2021 even better.  Well, unless you have a super local, super fast online delivery service, the biggest e-Commerce period of the year, Christmas is over. The final deliveries will… Read More »What e-Commerce 2020 has taught us

The three monkeys of creativity

The Three Monkeys of Creativity – What’s your creative personality style?

Snapshot : Following our articles on the three monkeys of marketing and e-Commerce, this week we apply the three monkeys thinking to creative personality types. Read more to find out about the three monkeys of creativity. As we’ve covered insight colours and personality types in the context of the three monkeys for marketing and of e-Commerce, we didn’t want creative types to feel left out. So, this week, we look at… Read More »The Three Monkeys of Creativity – What’s your creative personality style?

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Remember the value of storytelling

Snapshot : It is a truth universally acknowledged, that most advertising is ignored or forgotten. But when you can add the value of storytelling to your advertising, you can really stand out. We share examples from the world of whisky advertising, cooking shows and travel to inspire you to create better advertising. Advertising that’s noticed and remembered.  How many adverts do you think you see each day? 100? 1,000? We… Read More »Remember the value of storytelling

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E-commerce product information management. Not cool

Snapshot : e-Commerce might sound cool from the outside, but it includes a lot of very uncool jobs to be done. In this article, we look at examples of e-commerce product information management systems from Amazon, Google and WooCommerce. Learn about the attention to detail and patience required to do this vital but very uncool part of e-Commerce.  From the outside, e-Commerce looks and sounds kinda cool, right? It has that… Read More »E-commerce product information management. Not cool

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Adobe Illustrator for beginners

Snapshot : Adobe Illustrator is a powerful graphic design software package. It creates vector graphics for typography, logos and any illustration where ‘sharp’ design is needed. Our Adobe Illustrator for beginners guide gives an overview on when and how you should use it. Learn the most common windows and tools used to create great designs. Adobe Illustrator is a powerful graphic design tool that suffers from what we call Liam… Read More »Adobe Illustrator for beginners

Qualitative research- two people talking over coffee

We need to talk about your customer relationship with CRM

Snapshot : We break CRM – “Customer”, “Relationship”. “Management” – into its three component parts. Why does CRM works in some categories and not others? Read about good and bad CRM examples. We cover the challenges of working with IT when you are in marketing. And we close with 3 key questions to decide if CRM can be a competitive advantage for your business.  Customer. Relationship. Management. It’s a common creative… Read More »We need to talk about your customer relationship with CRM