Boost your creative skills

It’s impossible to be perfect at all creative skills. But we believe EVERYONE can learn basic creative principles. Everyone can learn how to get better at working with creative and design. Learn the key creative skills to improve your marketing and e-Commerce. What are the six key creative skills marketers and online sellers are most likely to work with?

Boost your creative skills

Writer writing showing writing skills

Writing is a skill everyone can learn to improve.  There’s different skills for writing an advertisement, writing for online engagement and writing to drive e-Commerce. Read our guide to learn more.

Three brains graphic design logo

Find out how colour, typography and composition support your brand identity and brand communications. Find out the key graphic design tools to use and how to work with graphic design and graphic designers.

Post it on wall with light bulb illustration to highlight creative problem solving

How do you think of new ideas and different ways to engage your target audience? We talk through common techniques for idea generation, how to screen ideas and how to apply them to marketing and e-Commerce. 

Storytelling on stage - woman presenting to audience

Storytelling builds stronger brand identity and communications. Read our guide to the basics of story telling including purpose and story arc to build marketing and e-Commerce impact.

Woman holding camera showing photography for marketing skills

How do you make your photography work harder for maximum impact in marketing? Read our ‘how to’ guide for all levels of photography from do it yourself to how to get the best from a professional photographer.  

Video studio with cameras and lighting equipment

Video content can play a key role at all parts of the brand choice funnel. Read our guide on how to create video content for marketing, either on your own or with a film crew. Packed full of tips to raise your video game.

Three-brains and creative skill development

We believe the best marketing and e-commerce activation pulls knowledge from many areas of the creative world. But most marketers or e-Commerce managers don’t get trained in creative skills. So there’s a huge opportunity to raise your game by having a good level knowledge of key creative skills you can either grow for yourself or know how to find and use professionals.  

If you want to raise your creative game through creative skills development, contact us or read more about our coaching and consulting services.

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