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Setting up your own Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) online store gives you control over your sales channel. You can build a direct connection with your consumers and have full decision-making authority over all aspects of the commercial mix. But it also means understanding how the different elements of e-Commerce need to work together. Read our guides to learn more about the key e-Commerce skills you will need to grow. 

Setting up an online store

Forest and tree image with question mark symbolisinging strategy

Build your strategy. Go through the process of looking at the external opportunity and your internal capabilities before you decide to launch your online store. Read our guide to find our more.

Fragile delivery

Read our guide to learn the three key ‘must have’ parts of your launch plan. Something to sell, somewhere to sell it and a plan for payment and delivery. If you can set these up, you’re off to a good start with online selling.

Coins spilling out of a jar to symbolise marketing and e-commerce costs

Learn the key steps to build your online store business model. How to estimate your level of sales. Build your first year Profit and Loss, line by line. And finally, the importance of planning for the post-launch period. 

Three brains e-Commerce online purchase with credit card

Read our guide to build the online shopping experience for your target audience. And work out a marketing plan that will bring online shoppers to your store website and convince them to buy from you. Repeatedly.

Delivery driver handing over a brown package

Manage your store order to delivery process yourself or outsource it to specialists. Learn the key steps to manage delivery of an order to a customer. Plus common scenarios to prepare for with customer orders.

Red Sale Sign

Read our guide to managing your online store. How to plan to automate processes like order management and customer enquiries. Learn to measure performance and track KPIs. And plan ahead on how to build team skills. 

Three-brains and e-Commerce

We have worked on many e-Commerce projects and have good experience across e-Commerce strategy, working with online retailers and building D2C stores. We’ve built many online stores, and can help you start or improve your e-Commerce offer.

In particular, we know how to connect e-Commerce expertise areas back into driving your brand marketing and growing your sales. 

Want to know more about how we can support your e-Commerce to grow your business through our coaching and consulting services? Click the button below to get in touch.

D2C Online Store Status dashboard
Click to download the pdf

Downloadable D2C status dashboard

There’s many jobs to cover in the set up of an online store. You need to define your strategy and plan. Work out the sales and marketing. And also set up the whole operational side of the business. It can be complex to manage.

That’s why we’ve used this project dashboard to great success in the past to have a simple one-page summary of the key actions required. Download it here or from our resources section. 

Powerpoint and Keynote versions of this document available on request. 

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