Online store case study

In this section, we’ll be sharing our own experiences as we set up, launch and run the three-brains online shop. We work with businesses setting up their own online shops, and want to share learnings and tips to create an online store case study. 

Online store case study

We have set up and run most of the business models we’ve outlined in this section on online selling. From working in a manufacturing business selling online through traditional retailers, to working with Amazon.

We’ve also set up a whole direct to consumer operation from scratch. Along the way we’ve learned some interesting but also sometimes painful lessons about how e-commerce work. We do believe in continued learning and putting our money where our mouth is. We’ll be starting the three-brains online shop from scratch as part of our three brains selling experience. 

We are still in the early stages, but here’s the type of update we will be sharing as we grow the plan out.

Game player - Red controller - Spreadshirt - Japan

Phase 1 – Planning and development

Our first needs are to develop a product to sell, somewhere to sell it, and a way of managing payment and delivery. You can read more detail on how to do this in our article on setting up an online store. 

We started with T-Shirt designs. This has relatively low barriers to entry, and is fairly quick to set up. There’s also no need to invest in stock. This is a good thing. But as we will share, it’s also very competitive.

Our initial T-Shirt designs we won’t be selling, as we don’t think they are good enough to sell. One related to cats (who doesn’t love cats online?) and one related to the recent “OK Boomer” media coverage.

But we did want to share that you just have to get started somewhere when it comes to e-commerce..  

OK Boomer
Woman's Cat Who Me T-Shirt

Phase 2 – Test and learn

So from our designs, we moved to some designs that we thought would have more specific appeal. As we launched the store just in early December 2019, we did out first designs relating to Christmas and what we saw as an on-going niche trend about introverts and extroverts. 

We decided to use the Spreadshirt Print on Demand model. We blogged about the launch of the site at the time.

Check out our blog article on some of our initial T-shirt learnings back when we were putting our plans together.

Christmas Day Introvert T-Shirt

Phase 3 – Test and learn (again)

Repeat phase 2 until you find a niche that has strong audience appeal and you can start to build a community of consumers who like your brand enough to buy your designs.

Christmas Day Introvert

Three-brains and e-Commerce

We have worked on many e-Commerce projects and have good experience across strategy, working with retailers and building D2C stores. We know how to connect these expertise areas back into driving your brand marketing and growing your sales. 

If you want to know more about how we can support your e-Commerce to grow your business  through our coaching and consulting services, click the button below to send us a message.

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