Marketing tips

In this article, we’ll share key marketing tips that can help you become a better marketer. These include a focus on the consumer. The commercial skill to build profitable brands. And the ability to talk marketing to non-marketers. 

Marketing tips

You might be someone who works in a marketing function within a business. Or you might own your business and take care of your own marketing. Either way, it can be a challenge to become a better marketer.

Unlike traditional professions like medicine or accountancy, the ‘rules’ are not black and white. Very few people would challenge an expert medical diagnosis or financial statement, but everyone seems open to having an opinion on marketing. What your packaging looks like. Is your advertising any good. What could you do to improve your customer experience.

So marketing does take a lot of patience, energy and resilience to succeed. While skills like market research can bring increased certainty to marketing, decisions about marketing can still end up being subjective. 

We’ve found the marketers most likely to succeed do three things very well. So here are our key marketing tips. Be consistently consumer-centric. Learn how to build strong profitable brands. And connect with non-marketers really well.

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Without consumers, marketing would not exist. So marketers really need to be able to understand what consumers are looking for, and what makes them think and act the way they do. We’ve worked with many brand marketers who get so focussed on the brand, that they forget that it’s the consumer who is the most important part of the process. 

We recommend taking every opportunity you can to work on market research projects. Attend interviews or focus groups where they are available. 

We recommend you read around the likely topics of interest in the industries you work in to see what people are talking about. Join mailing lists of relevant publications and follow key opinion leaders on their social media feeds.

You aim should be to get under the skin of your consumers by experiencing life from their point of view. So that you better understand their needs. 

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And make a point to be observant. What’s going on right now with consumers around you. How do they talk? What do they say about brands and businesses? What’s of interest that could motivate, inspire and engage them?

Keep asking questions about your consumers and you are off to a great start at being a better marketer.

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Strong profitable brands

If listening to consumers seems obvious, our next marketing tip is even more obvious. The ability to create strong brands that connect with consumers and deliver profitable growth is where your marketing skills really make a difference. You need to be consistently thinking about the commercial success of a brand or business.

Become familiar with how the creative process works and the many basic principles which run across colour, typography, composition, writing, photography and video as these areas can drive more sales for your business. 

Understand the connection from marketing to sales as it helps the marketer keep focussed on the commercial aspect of their role.

What is the right price to set? When and how often (if at all) do you run price promotions? How do you make sure your product is well represented when it appears online and delivers the greatest likelihood of a sales conversion?

Market to non-marketers

People who work in marketing can often have a blindspot on how they market themselves. Marketing as a subject can have a lot of jargon and terminology that can be alienating to non-marketers.

So our final marketing tip is to really focus on how not to sound like a marketer all the time.

In many cases as a marketer, you need to work with other functions or agencies who do not think the way you do. Being able to convey your message in simple, clear terms is one of the most impactful marketing skills you can develop.

You can read more of our thoughts on the subject of marketing to non-marketers in this blog post.

Final word

Marketing is a constantly changing and ever interesting part of any interest. It’s worth taking the time to build in regular reviews. What is working for you and what isn’t? What new things do you need to learn, and what things are starting to lose their relevance?

You might find some ideas for inspiration in this blog post from our own regular reviews of our business. 

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