Level up your brand strategy skills

Welcome to our overview of brand strategy and development. Follow the process to develop your brand and learn how to segment, target and position. Learn the key steps to build strong brand identity. Find out how to create your marketing plan and manage your brand activation. And finally learn how to manage marketing innovation. 

Level up your brand strategy skills

The brand development process

Read our overview of the brand development process. Why your brand improves your price premium and creates loyal consumers. Learn the five key steps in the brand development process. And read key tips to make the process run more smoothly.

Archery target with arrows to symbolise target audience

Find out how segmentation, targeting and positioning helps you get more selective about where and how to focus your marketing efforts. Learn the 3 key ways to segment, targeting variables and the elements that go into a positioning statement. 

Brand identity

There are many different frameworks to create your brand identity. Most have three elements in common. Firstly, the brand essence. Then, intangible assets like values and personality. And finally tangible assets like visuals and designs.

Marketing mix

The marketing plan collates information and decisions into an action plan of key activities you will do over the next 6 to 18 months. Our guide covers the content, tools and templates and how to implement a great marketing plan.  

Hammer - Get into action

Strategy is nothing without action. Read our guide on how your activity plan leads to activity briefs.  Learn the importance of regular performance measurement and brand reviews to drive impactful brand activation to grow your brand sales.

Man holding lightbulb to symbolise new ideas and brand introduction

Consumer needs change over time and so they look for new products and services to meet these needs. Our guide to key marketing innovation models and processes can help you learn how to use marketing innovation to grow your sales. 

Three-brains and brand strategy

Need help building your brand strategy? Confused by the amount of information and the many claims of agencies who say they can solve all your problems? Before you’ve even told them what the problems are?

We have many years of experience as marketers building successful brands. We offer coaching and consulting services to listen to your marketing challenges and get you to successful and pragmatic answers quickly. Contact us by clicking the button below.

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