Level up your marketing communication skills

Clear marketing communication is a vital skill to deliver your business plan. It helps you tell your consumers about the benefit of your products and services. But communication is two-way. So marketing communication also means you need to listen to consumers. Read our guides to take your skills to the next level.

Level up your marketing communication skills

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The advertising process should start with an advertising brief. We walk through an example format. And guide you on how to get the best work out of your agency.

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How do you evaluate the quality an advertising idea? Read our guide on how to respond to the creative idea and give feedback. Learn more about how to test ideas with consumers. 

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Your advertising needs media planning and buying to get in front of consumers.  Read our guide to the key steps to plan and buy media. Reach the right people, at the right time.


PR and Social Media are ‘earned’ media channels that sit in your overall plan. Read our guide to the role of each channel. And learn about the risk and reward for your business in each channel.

Candy bars packaging

Your packaging is seen by all your consumers. Read our guide on how to use colour in packaging. Follow our process to check consistency with brand identity. And don’t forget sustainability.

Customer experience

Customer experience (CX) covers how consumers interact with your brand. Read our guide to learn more about the journey, the pain points and moments that matter. Make CX central to your marketing communication.

Three-brains and marketing communications

We have worked on many marketing communications projects and have good experience across all aspects of communications. We know how to connect these expertise areas back into driving your brand marketing and growing your sales. 

If you want to know more about how we can support your marketing communications to grow your business  through our coaching and consulting services, click the button below to send us a message.

Communication brief - blank template
Click to download the pdf

Download our marketing communications brief template with guide to completing each section.

The brief is the first step to achieve clear and consistent marketing communications. Includes key elements of your target audience understanding and brand identity as well as stating your business and project goals. 

Download it here or from our resources section. 

Powerpoint and Keynote versions of this document available on request. 

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