Level up your digital marketing skills

Rapid changes in technology have created the need for new digital marketing skills. Marketers now need to be as confident and competent with technology. We share an overall framework for digital marketing. We talk through the core skills in reaching, engaging and selling to consumers online. And we discuss the technology and data required to support online activity.

Level up your digital marketing skills

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The scope of digital marketing can be overwhelming. Learn our simple framework for digital marketing to organise your digital marketing plan. We call it the RESTART model for digital marketing.

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Once you know your online target consumers, you need to be able to reach them through digital media channels. Read our guide to the three main digital media channels of search, social and display advertising.

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Your website is your online ‘home’. It is where your consumers have the most chance to engage with your content. Read our guide to the basic requirements for a website and a great website experience to drive growth.

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Read our guide to marketing technology with a focus on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. How can CRM support your marketing goals? How do you define marketing technology requirements? Read our guide to learn more. 


Digital marketing opens up deeper data and insights about your consumers. Read our guide to tools like Google Analytics to see how to use it for great insights. But take care to stay within data protection and privacy laws. Read our guide to learn more. 

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To succeed in digital marketing, you need to remember core marketing principles. You should aim for becoming a generalist all-rounder and look to grow your expertise in change management. Read our digital marketing tips to learn more. 

Three-brains and digital marketing

We have worked on many digital marketing projects and have good experience across all aspects of digital marketing. We know how to connect these expertise areas back into driving your brand marketing and growing your sales. 

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